Circl.ART is the ABN art collection project area in the Circl pavilion, where you can go and discover new artistic trends. The works exhibited in Circl.ART trigger the senses and reflect on current issues and events. Our exhibitions, which change quarterly, are designed to showcase talent, including in the context of the ABN AMRO Art Award.


Now Showing Circl.ART – 'Natural Constructions'

The group exhibition ‘Natural’ Constructions can be seen in Circl.ART from 11 October 2018 to 11 January 2019. ‘Natural’ Constructions is a selection of recently acquired works from the ABN AMRO art collection by artists who refer to the ‘makeable’ world in various ways and reflect on whether, and how, we should maintain it. They emphasise the division between nature and culture ‒ which has rarely been so diffuse ‒ and show how we are trying to use advanced technologies to master the natural world. The works draw attention to our mistaken belief that we are living in a seemingly unspoiled paradise.

ABN AMRO Art collection

Did you know that ABN AMRO has an exceptional collection of contemporary art? A permanent exhibition of highlights from the collection can be viewed in the basement of the Circl pavilion during opening hours. Works by young emerging talents are shown next to those of their more established and well-known counterparts. The selection is loosely based on the theme of circularity and the ongoing tension between nature and culture. The interpretation of this theme ranges from re-use and artistic appropriation in the work of Marijn van Kreij to the recycling of existing materials in Remy Jungerman’s ‘Communication Tree’. And from the documentary-style photographs of Henk Wildschut, who lovingly showcases the unavoidably archetypal forms of circular building, to the work of Roland Schimmel, who manipulates natural phenomena.

The works are exhibited alongside historic furniture, strongboxes and paper securities from the bank’s archives, all of which acquire new meaning in this context.

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