ma 25 nov, 18.00 - 20:30
Basement, ruimte 4

Innovation Session – District 297 x CIRCL

How do we advance sustainability on Aruba?
This event is in English

We invite you to join us on the 25th of November at the Innovation Session; How do we advance innovation for sustainability on Aruba. This session will be hosted by District297, Government of Aruba and CIRCL, the circular knowledge platform of ABN AMRO.

For decades the tourism sector has served Aruba very well. But this economic model has reached its limits in regards to the necessary resources to keep Aruba stable and thriving. We need to find new ways to open up a world of possibilities to innovation that will lead us to become a sustainable island, a forward thinking community, and a circular economy. We need your brainpower to come up with solutions that have not been thought of yet, but of which we are certain are out there.

Join us to create innovation together! 


18:00 - Start tour of CIRCL
18:30 - Introduction District297
18:35 - Explanation Economic Policy report of Aruba
18:45 - Q&A about the Circular Economy Vision 2050 Aruba
19:00 - Break
19:05 - Ideation session: World café
19:55 - Wrap up and next steps
20:00 - Networking drinks
20:30 - End