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5 Mar 2018 - 5 Apr 2018
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Expo: Good news for the planet

WDCD presents the 13 winners of the Climate Action Challenge!
This event is in English
Free, but reservation required

If things are bad, that’s good,’ says renowned Canadian designer Bruce Mau. Because, when problems arise, people seek solutions. And this is particularly true of designers, who are optimists by default. Climate change is certainly one of the most urgent problems mankind is facing right now. We need radical action, and we need it now. That’s why What Design Can Do, in partnership with IKEA Foundation and Autodesk Foundatio, launched the Climate Action Challenge last May. The challenge invited designers, creative thinkers and imaginative trouble- shooters of all kinds to come up with bold, innovative solutions to combat the impacts of climate change.

The exhibition in Circl presents the 13 finalists selected from the 384 entries sent in from 70 countries across all continents. The 13 final projects share an award package including a production budget and a tailor-made acceleration programme aimed at making their ideas, prototypes or start-ups investment ready. That’s what we call good news for the planet!