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Mon 9 Oct 2017, 10.00

Meet & Greet Margot Raggett

A preview of her book Remembering Rhinos and unseen pictures
This event is in English
Free, but reservation required

'Remembering Rhinos', a mindblowing collection of Rhino images, composed by Margot Raggett will be published on the first of November. The Meet & Greet offers you the unique opportunity to personally hear firsthand stories and experiences from the author.

Remembering Rhinos is a unique collection of images of all five remaining species of rhino, masterminded by wildlife photographer Margot Raggett. All of the images have been donated by some of the world’s top wildlife photographers such as Art Wolfe, Steve Winter and Frans Lanting and it is their combined efforts which Raggett believes makes the book so unique and special: “Like with Remembering Elephants, I’m not sure anyone has ever had the ambition to get so many talented wildlife photographers to donate to a book on one unique species. It is the power of that collective generosity that makes our books so special.”

In this talk Raggett will reveal how she got all the photographers to work together, present a slideshow of some of the unseen images from the book and also talk about where the series might go next.

About Margot

Margot Raggett changed her career from Public Relations to Wildlife Photography in 2010. But it was the shock of seeing a poached elephant in 2014 which set her path on a conservation journey. She decided there and then that she had to try and ‘do’ something about the poaching crisis and the idea of approaching fellow wildlife photographers to donate images to raise funds was born.

A year later she launched the book ‘Remembering Elephants’, a collection of images donated by 65 of the world’s best wildlife photographers to great acclaim. That book sold out in two months and raised over £135,000 for Raggett’s charity partner The Born Free Foundation to spend on anti-poaching activity in Africa. On 30th October 2017, she will publish the follow up, ‘Remembering Rhinos’. Pre-funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, all funds raised from the sale of the book will one again go to anti-poaching activity via The Born Free Foundation and once again all images have been donated by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers.