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Sat 9 Dec 2017, 17.30 - 18.30
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Tango – Free Dance Class

Why tango, you might ask? Tango is a great way to make new friends and create new connections.
This event is in English
Free, but reservation required

Nowadays we are always online and we barely have time for meaningful conversations and spontaneous encounters. Our goal is to bring people of various backgrounds together and there is no better way to that than by dancing. Tango and other partner dances make you happy and allows you to engage with others, so come join us!

-In our restaurant we have a special offer during the tango night: Circl paella with meat, fish and mussels, served with pearl barley instead of rice, for 20 euros per person including one drink (wine, beer or soda). If you want to enjoy this menu before or after the tango class you can make your reservation via eventscircl@vermaatgroep.nl or call 020-6282080- 

Meeting new people and making friends is not always easy if you don’t like going to clubs or bars with loud music. We can imagine you don’t feel like going to those places and not even hear the name of the people you talk to. For those of us who prefer to have good conversations with others, tango is a great alternative. Social dances like tango were created precisely to make people meet and engage.

Tango helps you:

  • Meet new people, both in classes and in dancing nights, even if you come alone. That makes it great not only to meet people in your city but also when you travel.
  • Find new friends with whom you already share some interest. Enough with clubs with loud music that don’t let you build a connection with anybody.
  • Gain confidence in approaching people, even if you are shy or introverted. In tango, you don’t need smart lines to break the ice. Just invite someone to dance.
  • Improve your body coordination and posture. Tango is made to dance socially; you don’t need to be a performer to enjoy a night out dancing. But it still has a lot of benefits on your mood and body.

Join us for a free class where you can learn your first steps. The class will be taught by a world renowned couple of tango dancers and teachers, with decades of experience and an international network.

  • Just come alone if you don’t have a partner to sign up with. You will meet people in the class
  • You don’t need any special clothing or shoes. Just dress comfortably, as you usually would.
  • You won’t have to to do big movements, and there will be no sweating.

Don’t worry if you feel stiff or you feel you can’t dance. We all started like that, and everybody can learn a few basic movements. Tango is not made of complicated steps, but on moving together; Don’t be afraid if you think you have no sense of rhythm. Tango music has a simple structure anyone can get, and for this free class that won’t even matter. Remember that this is a social dance made to bring people together.

Since the room won’t be able to accommodate all our employees, there is space for only 60 people. Make sure you to reserve on the left if you want a spot.