25 Oct 2019 - 26 Oct 2019
De Hallen

Amsterdam Denim Days Festival

A two-day denim event with the best denim brands, seminars, expos, vintage treasure hunting, music, food & drinks, workshops and many more to explore
This event is in English

Each year Amsterdam turns blue and forms the centre of attention for all those with an indigo heart. Amsterdam Denim Days brings together the community and consumers, addicts and fanatics, brands and buyers, to celebrate its unique denim passion. All denim lovers join together in a series of events within the city to share their dedication for denim, talk about innovation, education and sustainability.

Denim Talks

Friday, October 25
 The Modern Definition of Denim #1 – Cotton & Beyond with Adriano Goldschmied, Alberto Candiani, Tony Tonnaer
15:00 The Modern Definition of Denim #2 – Closing the Loop with Uwe Kippschnieder, Besim Ozek, James Veenhoff
16:00 The Modern Definition of Denim #3 – Future Thinking with Andrew Olah, Roian Atwood, Alice Tonello
17:00 Screening Swiss Jeans Freak X Candiani 60th Birthday Collaboration

Saturday, October 26
  The Climate Jean with Ebru Debbag
15:00 The true price of a pair of jeans with Henk Hofstede, Luuc Overvoorde
16:00  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure with Linda Valkeman, Sanne de Lorme
17:00  Screening ‘Common Thread’ A movie by Scott Morrison

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