maandag 18 mrt 2019, 04.27

Art of Stillness (3 free spots)

Enjoy a moment of silence, get to know your body and learn meditation techniques!
art of stillness

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In Art of Stillness classes mindfulness meditation techniques are given to be present in each moment itself, noticing the body, feelings, sensations, emotions and thoughts without judging. And by investigating, nurturing and cultivating loving kindness and compassion you can create more heart and mind space and learn to response appropriate to the present situation. The benefits of this awareness training are: resilience, steadiness, empathy, physical well-being and emotional regulation. Train the Mind & Tender the Heart.

Circl has a partnership with YogaFest, we both believe in reconnecting with your mind and body. Therefore, we are happy to offer three free spots at the classes for our community.

“Gratitude is confidence in life itself. In it, we feel how the same force that pushes grass through the cracks of the sidewalk invigorates our own life” - Jack Kornfield

Are the free spots gone? No worries, you can still book a regular place via Yogafest!