Fri 12 Oct 2018, 1.00 PM
Learn the tools to start creating a circular built environment

Circular buildings: the tools

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Join the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s Built Positive and event host ABN AMRO team for a half-day workshop focused on the knowledge and tools necessary for realizing healthy, circular building projects. Created for architects, owners, developers, and other sustainability professionals, this workshop will help you operationalize Material Heath as a foundational precursor to the circular economy in the built environment. You’ll explore the world of materials and regenerative design from molecule to the metropolis as we consider approaches to creating projects with disassembly, reuse and recovery and a positive impact in mind.

Led by international industry leaders, a variety of presentations and interactive discussions will provide a clear framework to accelerate the achievement of sustainability, well-being and circularity goals. You will also discover a portfolio of tools and resources that can help you translate new concepts into active practice right away.

The Program:

1:00 pm


1:30 pm

Start Workshop - Welcome (C2CPII)

1:35 pm

Icebreaker (ABN AMRO)

1:50 pm

Presentation: Material Passports & Buildings as Material Banks: The Foundations of Realizing Value in a Circular Economy (Madaster)

2:40 pm

Panel Discussion: From Competitors to Partners - The Triple Win of Product Optimization (Multiple speakers)

3:00 pm


3:30 pm

BREEAM and Circularity: A Framework for Circular Buildings (Circle Economy & DGBC)

3:45 pm

Specifying for Healthy Materials: From Theory to Practice (GIGA)

4:05 pm

Lessons Learned & Asking the Right Questions (Arup & Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

4:30 pm

Health & Wellbeing at the Building Level & WELL v2 (IWBI)

5:00 pm

Q&A (All)

5:15 pm


6:30 pm


About Built Positive

Built Positive is a co-creative movement, formed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, to increase the built environment’s positive impact on people, planet, and economy by designing materials and products for circularity, innovating to improve these inputs, and quantifying their positive impact from the molecule through to the metropolis

Partners/Supporters: Arup, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, GIGA, International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), Madaster, Circle Economy, Dutch Green Building Council.

Want to be a part of the movement to co-create a positive future? Join us in October, or contact Thijs Maartens for information on how to get involved.

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