maandag 22 mei 2023, 19.00 - 21.00

Corporate activism with young professionals

How to be a corporate activist: how can you bring lasting sustainable change to your organization?
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Hi Young Professional!

Are you also struggling to match the state of the world with the values and culture of your organization? How can you influence the course of your organization while staying true to your ideals and addressing societal challenges? Are you looking to maximize the impact of your activities, whether it means sticking to your ideals, compromising, or exploring alternative routes? If these questions resonate with you, then join us to learn more about what you can do!

The future is shaped by those who take responsibility today. We are currently in a time of transition, where positive impact on society and the environment begins with our mindset and actions. History has shown that meaningful improvements in society come from ordinary people who challenged the status quo in areas such as human rights, voting rights, and work-life balance.

So, how do you envision a better future in life and work?

It’s time to inspire and empower young professionals to become changemakers in their current or future roles. But where do we start? How can we make a difference? What possibilities and opportunities exist for contributing to positive change in society and the environment within or alongside our day-to-day jobs?

Many young professionals face challenges when trying to bring sustainable change into their workplaces. They aspire to contribute to the long-term survival and transformation of their companies. However, they often find themselves at odds with the current paradigm within their organisations and the surrounding environment.

They may even contemplate fundamental changes within their organisations but struggle to determine how to initiate and sustain such transformations. They wonder which forms of initiatives and activism are most effective. They seek guidance on how to influence their organisation and achieve positive impact.

The event will kick-off with Pepijn Rijvers (WBCSD) talking about how to change from corporate to sustainability, followed by Nori Spauwen talking on how to do this in the corporate and public sector. The speakers will be joined by corporate activists Orçun Ersungur  and Ana-Belén Abundio Femenía in an open discussion on how corporate activism could work. In a workshop with Madeleen Stamm, participants will discover how they can work playing a more active role in sustainability in their current job.

Let’s come together and unlock the potential for change!


  • 18.30 - Open for walk-in
  • 19:00 - Start event with keynotes of Pepijn Rijvers en Nori Spauwen
  • 19:50 - Open discussion with corporate activists
  • 20:10 - Workshop: How to be a Corporate activist
  • 21:00 - Round-up