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donderdag 18 jun 2020, 00.00 - 00.00

Fashion goes digital

What creative entrepreneurship looks like in changing times
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Changing times call for smart and creative entrepreneurship. For the first time, the Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW) - known as the only recognized sustainable fashion week - will go fully digital this year.

Fifteen international sustainable designers have been selected to take part. How does that work, digital designing? Is this the future of fashion and what does this mean for designers and producers?

Three entrepreneurs will share how they’ve changed their way of working in this digital era. With Evelyn Mora (creative director of the HFW), Tess van Zalinge (selected designer for the HWF), and Jana van den Bergen (innovation analyst at Fashion for Good.

Please note: Registration is done bij our Pakhuis de Zwijger colleagues. Just follow the “Aanmelden” button and you’ll be forwarded to Pakhuis de Zwijger’s registration page and the livecast. Have fun watching!