Mon 12 Oct 2020, 16.00 - 17.00

Impact Professional Fast Track

Speed Training Impact Measurement & Management for Professionals
This event is in English
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Impact measurement and management have gained considerable ground the last decade. However, little guidance exists on how to measure and steer on impact. Consequently, organizations fail to maximise their value creation to society. Even when societal value is created, communicating about the results remains a challenge.

This is a huge challenge and opportunity for financial professionals. Increasingly financial professionals need to assess an organization’s impact on society. For example, how does an organization contribute to climate, biodiversity or worker rights?

It is against this background that Impact Institute created the Impact Professional Fast Track programme. During this webinar you will learn the basic concepts of how to measure and interpret key impact messages. Business practitioners will also share their experiences on how to communicate the impact measurement results to stakeholders and use them for strategic steering purposes.

Join us for this edition of the Impact Professional Fast Track and take your first step on your journey to become an Impact Professional yourself!


15:45 Digital Walk-In
16:00 Webinar

Why measure impact?
Introduction to Integrated Profit & Loss
Deep Dive case study
Business Practitioner Insights

17:00 End
Impact als nieuwe zakelijke taal
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