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vrijdag 29 apr 2022, 09.30 - 12.30

Learn how to create your fashion brand right.

Go on a trip of full-service fashion brand creation. Get hands-on information and ask your biggest questions of how to create a brand, how to develop a design and how to sell it.
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Fous A Fous would like to invite you to an inspirational interactive masterclass event which will be held in the CIRLC venue. The program of the event touches upon all the aspects of creating an ethical, slow fashion brand. We are calling for creative personalities interested in the field of fashion to join us!

The professional speakers will kindly share their deepest insights with you: Willa Stoutenbeek (founder and creative director W.Green) will make you an introduction to branding, design and concept creation; Nabila Doudou (founder of Fous A Fous) will let you look behind fabric sourcing, apparel development and production management process; and Iris Krami (Co-founder of Renoon) will explain to you how the distribution channels work and will share the best hacks of how to build a go-to-list for wholesalers & platforms.

This masterclass with industry experts will take you on a trip of full-service fashion brand creation. It will provide you with the hands-on information and will answer your biggest questions of how to create a brand, how to develop a design and how to sell it.

You will attend all THREE BREAK OUT SESSIONS with fashion industry insiders who share practical insight into this dynamic industry and guide you through the key steps to successfully launch and sustain your fashion brand.

  • Break out session BRANDING with W.Green. An Amsterdam based branding & communication agency, known for its strong ethical values and holistic way of working. W.Green will show you how to create an engaging brand and will cover topics like who is your target group and brand concept including values & story.
  • Break out session APPAREL DEVELOPMENT with Fous A Fous. A fashion apparel design and development agency based in Amsterdam working with manufacturer partners in Europe. Fous A Fous will help you understand how to build up the collection and how to choose the right fabrics for the collection. This to stay aligned with your budget.
  • Break out session STRATEGIC MARKETING with Renoon. A globally app that empowers consumers to realize their sustainable lifestyle and values when shopping fashion by combining the offering from multiple websites at once and assessing sustainability at the product level. Renoon will explain what to keep in mind to choose the distribution channels and will give you hacks to build your go-to-list for wholesalers & platforms.

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Fous A Fous