di 19 mrt 2019, 17.45 - 18:15

Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Jump in straight from the office to unwind from work!
This event is in English

Meditation PopUp helps you to train your mind in an easy-going way. In the classes you will learn to become more aware of the present, reduce stress, and balance your fault-finding nature to make room for a little friendliness towards yourself and others.
The classes are in English and suitable for all levels, so no experience needed. You can wear anything you like, from sweatpants to a suit. Make sure you get there 10 minutes before the class starts. No need to bring anything, we keep a cushion warm for you!

Circl and Meditation Pop-up have a shared vision on human sustainability, therefore we are delighted t to give away three try-outs seats to our community.

About Meditation PopUp
In a digitally connected, busy world it is getting more difficult to de-stress.  Meditation PopUp exists to enhance human sustainability. We create places where people can unwind, reduce stress and build on a strong, resilient mind, to keep up with modern day life.