woensdag 13 okt 2021, 08.30 - 17.00

Sustainable MBA in One Day

Sustainable MBA in One Day is the professional event to get your knowledge as a professional about sustainability issues up-to-date in one day.
mba in 1 day

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sustainable talent

During Sustainable MBA in One Day you will get to know all relevant theories, models, books and leaders in the field of sustainability. In just one day, participants are presented with all relevant (new) concepts within sustainability. Topics from climate change, circular economy to ISO are covered. Attention is also paid to leadership, strategy and organization, as inspiration to take sustainability further within the organization. Relevant cases are presented by sustainability professionals among industry leaders. The day also offers the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues.

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  • 08:30

    Reception and Registration

  • 09:30

    Opening of the day by Annick Schmeddes and Paul van Ruiten.

  • 09:45

    First act - Start of the adventure by Leon Giesen

  • 10:05

    Developments in society by Paul van Ruiten

  • 10:30

    Developments at companies

  • 10:55


  • 11:15

    Setting goals and giving direction by Annick Schmeddes

  • 11:55

    An organization in transition: Changing the rules of the game of the economy by Richard Kooloos

  • 12:30


  • 13:20

    Second act - seek cooperation by Leon Giesen

  • 13:40

    Setting up Circular Economy by Paul van Ruiten

  • 14:15

    Setting up Climate Solutions by Geanne van Arkel

  • 14:50

    Break and a good talk

  • 15:10

    Multiple value creation by Annick Schmeddes

  • 15:45

    Getting the net and your own action plan by Annick Schmeddes and Paul van Ruiten

  • 16:30

    Final act - Succes is a Journey by Leon Giesen

  • 17:00

    Certificate presentation and closing drink