dinsdag 7 mrt 2023, 15.30 - 17.30

The Advantage of the First Mover

How companies that speed up the sustainability transition have a competitive advantage.
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Companies that respond too late to important social transactions are not viable in the long term - as Kodak's example shows - and this is even more relevant for the sustainability challenge. We will discuss the findings of Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation and Impact Institute's report on corporate decision-making with value-creation for companies.

What kind of companies can switch to clean energy, optimise their production chains or reap the benefits of the sustainability transition in good time? Can frontrunners win back the costs of being out in front, or it is better to be a follower? This symposium will address these questions.

Companies that are ahead of this curve do have a competitive advantage over their peers, as was shown in a recent study by the Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation and the Impact Institute (with contributions of ABN AMRO, Deloitte, PGGM, Robeco and Triodos).