Circl rondleiding

vrijdag 11 dec 2020, 06.32

Virtual Tour of CIRCL

During this virtual tour of Circl you will hear all about the circular ins and outs. This is an official side event of the WCEF

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This event is in english


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At Circl, we believe in the new, circular economy and above all that we can only achieve it together by creating new forms of partnership. The Circl pavilion is built entirely based on circular principles using recycled and re-usable materials. It’s a living lab where we experiment with innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the future, an accessible platform, designed to facilitate unexpected encounters.

Circl is a circular platform in Amsterdam’s Zuidas where the necessary forces from society, business and finance come together for a sustainable world. Circl, the circular pavilion of ABN AMRO, is a platform where the bank can share the knowledge it has gained about circularity and advise its clients effectively about sustainability related themes. Circl is a building designed and constructed according to sustainable and circular principles. Moreover, Circl has been created to be energy efficient and designed for disassembly, to make as little impact as possible on the planet. During the inspiration tour you will learn everything about Circl and the circular mindset.