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Wed 25 Nov 2020, 23.49 - 18.15

CIRCL College Tour #21: 7 Roles to create Sustainable Success

Develop your own recipe for impact using the '7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success'
This event is in English
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Back to the lecture halls with CIRCL College Tour! In this program you will learn everything about themes that are relevant for the transition to a sustainable, circular economy. Each month we invite an expert, professor or visionary to give a lecture about the scientific developments of the future.

Watch the webinar here!

Accelerating sustainability in business will boost green en social recovery in the post COVID-19 era. The blueprints to make this happen are there, from the Paris Agreement, Doughnut Economics to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, but in the end, business need people who can get things done. That’s where the book “7 Roles to Create Sustainable Success” comes into play.

In this lecture, Carola Wijdoogen, author, former CSO of NS and cofounder of Sustainability University Foundation, will  explain the need for companies – especially during COVID-19 – to accelerate sustainability in their business. in fact, she will introduce the (science based) 7 roles needed to develop a sustainable strategy and to translate the strategy into action and innovation.  Moreover, she will share her own journey as a previous CSO using the 7 Roles to integrate sustainability in the core activities. In addition, she will highlight insights of the other contributors to the book, such as e.g. Kate Raworth and other professionals using the 7 roles in their companies like e.g. Google, Interface Europe, Unilever Benelux, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss, Arcadis, Dow, The Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels, Kellogg Company, Microsoft, DSM, Sifca Group and Ingka Group.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” but if you are a sustainability or business professional, come and join the next episode of CIRCL College Tour to find out how the 7 roles can be used to create sustainable impact!

CIRCL College Tour
Terug naar de collegebanken met CIRCL College Tour. In dit programma leer je alles over thema's die relevant zijn voor de transitie naar een duurzame, circulaire economie. Iedere maand nodigen we een expert, professor of visionair uit om een hoorcollege te geven over de wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingen van de toekomst.
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