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Wed 21 Oct 2020, 20.56 - 18.15

CIRCL College Tour #20: Circular Jobs & Skills

What are the labor market impacts of the circular economy? What is the ideal competency profile? Which skills are essential?
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Back to the lecture halls with CIRCL College Tour! In this program you will learn everything about themes that are relevant for the transition to a sustainable, circular economy. Each month we invite an expert, professor or visionary to give a lecture about the scientific developments of the future.

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The Netherlands is aiming for a fully circular economy by 2050. That sounds like a major challenge, but it also brings a number of new opportunities. For example, Circle Economy’s latest report on jobs and skills takes a closer look at the jobs that the circular economy will create, the jobs that will change and those that will disappear in a so-called circular labor market.

A fully circular economy concerns all companies and sectors in the Netherlands. Jobs will change in the specific CE sectors, but also in sectors where most companies and employers are still at the beginning of the transition to the circular economy. The circular economy requires a fundamental shift in the mindset and skills of the workforce. In fact, a successful transition to a sustainable, circular economy depends on the skills and competences that are available, but also the skills and competences that are required in a circular labor market.

What are the labor market impacts of the circular economy? What is the ideal competency profile? Are you curious to find out more? Then sign up for the next webinar!

CIRCL College Tour
Terug naar de collegebanken met CIRCL College Tour. In dit programma leer je alles over thema's die relevant zijn voor de transitie naar een duurzame, circulaire economie. Iedere maand nodigen we een expert, professor of visionair uit om een hoorcollege te geven over de wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingen van de toekomst.
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