dinsdag 2 mei 2023, 17.00 - 19.30

Meaningful Movie: Killing the Truth

Learn more about crimes against journalists in this documentary complementary to our exhibition 'A Safer World for the Truth'

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During this movienight we will screen a short film by documentary filmmakers Joël van Dooren and Sybren Kooistra: Killing the truth. The documentary tells the stories of journalists Jan Kuciak and Norbert Zongo, killed for doing their jobs.

The documentary puts their deaths in the context of a frightening worldwide trend. A rising trend of violence against journalists. Justice for this crime is rare; in more than eight of ten cases the killers go free.

This documentary is complementary to the exhibition ‘A Safer World for the Truth’, which is currently displayed at Circl. During this event Félix Márquez, the photographer behind the exhibition, will be interviewed by Jan Raes on the topic of violence against journalists. After this interview there will be time for an interactive tour through the exposition.

Movienight menu

Before the film, you can visit the restaurant for a movienight menu for €15,00 excluding drinks. Make reservations by emailing [email protected] or by calling +31 20 628 20 80.

About Félix Márquez and the exhibition A Safer World for the Truth

Veracruz, one of Mexico’s largest cities on the east coast, is one of the most dangerous places for journalists. Over thirty Veracruzan journalists have lost their lives since 2000. In the exhibition ‘A Safer World for the Truth’, you can read more about two of them: Regina Martínez Pérez and Miguel Ángel López Velasco.

Photojournalist Félix Márquez is one of their colleagues: originally from Veracruz, he started photographing the escalating drug violence as a student. When more and more of his colleagues fell victim to this violence, he documented the violence against journalists and the impact of their death.

The exhibition in Circl shows several photos from his “Vestiges Project”: a catalog of personal objects of journalists murdered during the last decade in Veracruz. This photographic report explores and documents the life and identity of their owners, journalists and photojournalists; from the privacy of their garments to their working tools, as a tangible way to know who they were.

Félix Márquez is an independent photographer and visual journalist based in Mexico. Márquez has specialized in covering the war against drug trafficking in Mexico, migration, human rights and childhood in Latin America. His work has been published in international media publications, including The New York Times, National Geographic, Le Monde, The Guardian, Washington Post, de Volkskrant, and a dozen national media.

  • 17.00 Inloop
  • 17.15 movienight menu
  • 17.55 introduction documentary
  • 18.00 documentary
  • 18.15 Q&A with Jan Raes
  • 18.45 guided tour through exhibition 'a safer world for the truth'